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The Laboratory of ’Chemical and Biological Technologies for Health’ (UTCBS) CNRS UMR8258 - Inserm U1267 is a mixed research unit with:

- The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS),
- The National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)
- and The University Paris Descartes

Director: Nathalie MIGNET, Research Director of CNRS

Activity of the unit.

Researchers at the UTCBS: Unit for Chemical and Biological Technologies for Health, are interested in innovative technologies for health, including the development of new pharmaceutical formulations of biomedicines, such as siRNA, DNA, antibodies, cytokines, but also the search for new diagnostic agents and biomarkers in cancer and liver fibrosis. These approaches are treated in a multidisciplinary way with the development of innovative approaches for the analytical and physicochemical characterization of these complex molecules, but also by studying the mechanism of action of these molecules in cell biology and immunology. Researchers are evaluating how these nanotherapies and biotherapies can modulate gene expression or activate certain immunity pathways to propose new therapeutic approaches.

Among their work, they have been able to design a mini-plasmid called "safe" currently tested in humans in various pathologies, or formulations of siRNA that could be administered orally. They could decipher the role of erythropoietin on the cells of immunity. Recently, they have shown that associating surgery with liver metastases and stimulating the immune system by local delivery of immunostimulants inhibits distant metastases.

The unit is housed on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, which depends on the Paris Descartes University.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences
UTCBS - CNRS UMR8258 - Inserm U1267
4, av de l’Observatoire
75006 PARIS.
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