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Team "Vector" : Vectors for molecular imaging and targeted therapy

Date of publication: 27 December 2017

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Team head : Dr Nathalie MIGNET

Our focus is the design of nanomedicine, namely nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery or specific imaging markers.

The drug delivery axis covers formulations dedicated to local administration ( mucoadhesive liquid / gel forms) and systemic administration (liposomes, multiple emulsions). The imaging axis aims to follow the vectors by optical imaging in small animals, to develop specific probes such as microbubbles for ultrasound,or MRI nanoparticle contrast agents.

The strength of the team lies in the interdisciplinary staff which includes organic chemistry, physical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, and biology (animal testing, imaging, tumor models), and their membership to Inserm, CNRS, university or hospital. The team has everything in hand to achieve a cross-sectional research in the field of nanomedicine.

Keywords: Functionalized nanocarriers, Pharmaceutical Technology, Targeting, particulate Imaging Agents Nanomedicine, Physical Chemistry of Drug


Our team is settled within the faculty of pharmacy campus:

Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques
4, av de l’Observatoire
75006 PARIS

localisation : Wing 700 - Bâtiment de l’Horloge - RDC

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