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Date of publication: 6 May 2014


Team "Vector" : Vectors for molecular imaging and targeted therapy

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  • Bioluminescence Imaging

  • Fluorescence Imaging (Study of DNA transfection, longitudinal monitoring of tumor growth)

  • Visualization of the tumor vasculature after injection of dextran Rhodamine Visualization of MRI /luminescence bimodal nanoparticles (A: luminescence imaging - PhotonIMAGER OPTIMA; B: MRI)

For more information browse website : Plateforme Imageries du Vivant

Contact :
- Johanne Seguin : Technical Manager
johanne.seguin at parisdescartes.fr

- Bich-thuy Doan, Scientific Officer
bich-thuy.doan at chimie-paristech.fr


Responsible: Philippe Espeau :
philippe.espeau at parisdescartes.fr
, tel : 01-53-73-96-76

Located on the site of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University Paris Descartes, the technical platform of physical chemistry is an experimental platform dedicated to the characterization of solids and colloids, e.g. study of solid crystalline and amorphous materials (glass transition polymorphism , solvates), but also of the multi-phase systems such as hydrogels, gaseous or liquid emulsions (composition, lipid transitions gel/fluid). The main techniques used are the thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction on powders. This platform is opened to any user, either from public or private organisation, for customised measurements. The experiments are performed with the help of persons skilled in the art and/or the question asked. The plateform includes the following amenities :

  • 2 differential scanning analyzers Mettler -Toledo DSC 822 operable over a range of temperature from -80 to 700 ° C. One of the two analyzers is equipped with a sample changer that can hold up to 34 crucibles.
  • 2 thermogravimetric analyzers Mettler Toledo ( TGA / DSC 1 and TGA 850 ) operable over a temperature range of 14 ° C to 1100 ° C. One of the two TGA can be coupled to a humidity-controlled enclosure for stability measurements based on the vapor pressure of water ( anhydrous / hydrate (s ) ) .
  • 1 differential scanning analyzer Mettler -Toledo DSC 1 operable over a temperature range of 5 to 700 ° C. It is equipped with a SSC7 sensor for sensitive measurements in solutions.

More informations about thermal analysis: Mettler-Toledo

  • 1 X -ray powder diffractometer INEL , transmission mode, with a counter - curve 120 CPS , cobalt anode .

For the characterization of liquid suspensions, in addition to the DSC1, the technical platform is also equipped with

  • light scattering with NanoZS (Malvern Instruments) equipped with zeta potential and online titrator.
  • particle counter Izon based on Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing technology.


Based on the type of measures and/or the need for interpretation of measurements. To be defined at the first meeting with the responsibles of the technical platform. A test measurement will generally be suggested to assess the feasibility of the application and its cost.