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Research Themes

Date of publication: 26 January 2017


Team "Vector" : Vectors for molecular imaging and targeted therapy

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Research Themes
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1. Pre-formulation and drug properties

  • P. Espeau, Y. Corvis
    - Characterization of polymorphs
    - Study of interactions of surfactants, determination of phase diagrams, eutectic mixtures
    - Thermal tools development for characterization of complex molecular nanosystems used for vectorization.

  • R. Gahoual, P. Houzé
    - Conception of analytical methods for the characterization of biotherapeutics and nanovectors
    - Clinical transfer

2. Conception of Nanomedicine for therapeutic targeting and drug delivery

  • K. Andrieux, V. Boudy, C. Roques, N. Mignet
    - Design, synthesis and study of new molecular or particulate vectors, and their targeting
    - Design, synthesis and study of new delivery systems of the sol- gels bioadhesive type

3. Nanoparticles for MRI, optical and ultrasound imaging

  • C. Richard, H. Dhotel, N. Mignet
    - Persistent luminescence nanoparticles , functionalization, targeting and validation
    - Protein or non-protein nanoparticle systems for imaging of liver function
    - Ultrasound contrast agents and microbubbles for gene delivery
    - Mixed MRI and optical designed nanosystems

4. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of our Nanomedicine approaches

  • J. Seguin
    - in vitro evaluation of nanoparticle uptake
    - Pharmacokinetic studies
    - Optical imaging platform (LIOPA)
    - Establishment of tumor and metastases models in mice liver: models CT26 , 3LL
    - Monitoring of tumor growth and decay by imaging
    - Optimization of imaging techniques for quantification and diagnosis